Top Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

The travel industry is growing rapidly and with so many online booking sites open to the public, the question arises, why do you need a travel agent? I have several answers for you.


Finding a trip for your self can be a headache. Let’s face it, you haven’t traveled extensively and you don’t know where to start. Trying to find the right trip online can be frustrating. You don’t know where to look or how to get a good deal. Plus you’re super busy. Finding the time to sit down and plan your own trip is impossible.

A travel agent can take care of all that for you. All you have to do is tell them what kind of trip you’re looking for, preferred dates, and price range and you are well on your way (literally).


Travel agents are trained professionals. They know things about traveling that the average person does not. They are able to help you decide what kind of vacation you will enjoy the most, where you would like to travel, inform you of the best times to travel, help you prepare documents and maybe a suggested packing list for your trip.

They are paid to know travel, so let them do their job. And travel agents have a huge list of resources to help find the perfect trip for you.

Save Money

There are so many different sites that say they offer the “best deal”. But you don’t always know what is included in that deal, and when you go to pay the price always seems to be higher than you bargained for.

Travel agents have access to a number of suppliers that do not directly deal with the public. This means that they can find great deals that you never could online. Agents also get discounts that they can pass on to their clients from suppliers that do deal with the public. Either way, this means great savings for you.

Many people believe that using a travel agent is more expensive than just booking online. They often compare it to buying a home with a real estate agent and buying a home without one. In that situation the commission is added onto the base price. When you are booking a trip (online or off) the commission is already included. This means that you are paying the same price, and maybe even less, for the service and knowledge of a professional travel agent. And what happens to the commissions when you do book online? 100% of it goes to the supplier that you just bought from.